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Now, it had cost the Prince a good deal of money to pay soldiers to support this murderous King; and finding himself, when he came back disgusted to Bordeaux, not only in bad health, but deeply in debt, he began to tax his French subjects to pay his creditors. They appealed to the French King, Charles; war again broke out; and the French town of Limoges, which the Prince had greatly benefited, went over to the French King. Upon this he ravaged the province of which it was the capital; burnt, and plundered, and killed in the old sickening way; and refused mercy to the prisoners, men, women, and children taken in the offending town, though he was so ill and so much in need of pity himself from Heaven, that he was carried in a litter. He lived to come home and make himself popular with the people and Parliament, and he died on Trinity Sunday, the eighth of June, one thousand three hundred and seventy-six, at forty-six years old. [明:1368~1644] Trinity Sunday is a Christian festival widely celebrated by Western Churches. It falls on the first Sunday after Pentecost, which is the 50th day after Easter.

The whole nation mourned for him as one of the most renowned [famous] and beloved princes it had ever had; and he was buried with great lamentations [deep sadness] in Canterbury Cathedral. Near to the tomb of Edward the Confessor, his monument, with his figure, carved in stone, and represented in the old black armour, lying on its back, may be seen at this day, with an ancient coat of mail [锁子甲], a helmet, and a pair of gauntlets [长手套] hanging from a beam above it, which most people like to believe were once worn by the Black Prince.

King Edward did not outlive his renowned son, long. He was old, and one Alice Perrers, a beautiful lady, had contrived [设法] to make him so fond of her in his old age, that he could refuse her nothing, and made himself ridiculous. She little deserved his love, or - what I dare say she valued a great deal more - the jewels of the late Queen, which he gave her among other rich presents. She took the very ring from his finger on the morning of the day when he died, and left him to be pillaged by his faithless servants. Only one good priest was true to him, and attended him to the last.

Besides being famous for the great victories I have related, the reign of King Edward the Third was rendered memorable in better ways, by the growth of architecture and the erection of Windsor Castle. In better ways still, by the rising up of Wickliffe, originally a poor parish [牧区] priest: who devoted himself to exposing, with wonderful power and success, the ambition and corruption of the Pope, and of the whole church of which he was the head.

Some of those Flemings were induced to come to England in this reign too, and to settle in Norfolk, where they made better woollen cloths than the English had ever had before. The Order of the Garter (a very fine thing in its way, but hardly so important as good clothes for the nation) also dates from this period. The King is said to have picked 'up a lady's garter at a ball, and to have said, Honi soit qui mal y pense - in English, 'Evil be to him who evil thinks of it.' The courtiers were usually glad to imitate what the King said or did, and hence from a slight incident the Order of the Garter was instituted, and became a great dignity. So the story goes.

discover.hubpages.com: One theory about the order’s establishment and its motto relates to an incident in which King Edward III was dancing and his female partner's blue garter fell to the floor. He picked it up and placed it around his own leg using the phrase "Honi soit qui mal y pense." In English this means "Shame on him who thinks this evil."

Shame on them who called it 嘉德勋章. "Honi soit qui mal y pense"的百度翻译: "好吧,不管你怎么想。"

"How can I accept the Order of the Garter, when the people of England have just given me the Order of the Boot?" -Winston S Churchill, September 1945. Following the July 1945 election, when Churchill and his government were put out of office, King George VI offered him the Order of the Garter, which he declined.

The Flemings (or Flemish) are Belgium's ethnic majority. Fleming, Sir Alexander (1881-1955) was a British scientist who discovered penicillin. Fleming, Ian (1908-64) was a British writer who invented the character of James Bond.

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Cranmer had done what he could to save some of the Church property for purposes of religion and education; but, the great families had been so hungry to get hold of it, that very little could be rescued for such objects. Even Miles Coverdale, who did the people the inestimable service of translatin...

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During the whole of this war, the people, to whom it was very expensive and irksome [annoying], and to whom it was made the more distressing by almost every family being divided - some of its members attaching themselves to one side and some to the other - were over and over again most anxious for ...

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Within a year after her marriage, the Queen had given birth to a son, who was called Prince Arthur, in remembrance of the old British prince of romance and story; and who, when all these events had happened, being then in his fifteenth year, was married to Catherine, the daughter of the Spanish mon...

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But, these were speedily followed by two much greater victims, Sir Thomas More, and John Fisher, the Bishop of Rochester. The latter, who was a good and amiable old man, had committed no greater offence than believing in Elizabeth Barton, called the Maid of Kent - another of those ridiculous women ...

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Nor was even this all. Jeffreys was as fond of money for himself as of misery for others, and he sold pardons wholesale to fill his pockets. The King ordered, at one time, a thousand prisoners to be given to certain of his favourites, in order that they might bargain with them for their pardons. Th...

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He had appointed his son Richard to succeed him, and after there had been, at Somerset House in the Strand, a lying in state more splendid than sensible - as all such vanities after death are, I think - Richard became Lord Protector. He was an amiable country gentleman, but had none of his father's...

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As they refused to gain their liberty by saying they were sorry for what they had done, the King, always remarkably unforgiving, never overlooked their offence. When they demanded to be brought up before the court of King's Bench [席位], he even resorted to the meanness of having them moved about fro...

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Ten days afterwards, the Germans, and the Irish, and the priest, and the boy, and the Earl of Lincoln, all landed in Lancashire to invade England. The King, who had good intelligence [情报] of their movements, set up his standard [旗帜] at Nottingham, where vast numbers resorted [go] to him every day; ...

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Many of the bystanders [旁观者] rushed forward and steeped [浸泡] their handkerchiefs in his blood, as a mark of their affection. He had, indeed, been capable of many good acts, and one of them was discovered after he was no more. The Bishop of Durham, a very good man, had been informed [告发] against to ...

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Cranmer remained still alive and in prison. He was brought out again in February, for more examining and trying, by Bonner, Bishop of London: another man of blood, who had succeeded to Gardiner's work, even in his lifetime, when Gardiner was tired of it. Cranmer was now degraded as a priest, and le...

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